Hey! It's Jess! Your most cringe-worthy new friend!

I started this blog while my husband was overseas and I, age 35, left our snowbound Omaha house and moved back to my family's California compound. It was just me, my Catholic grandma, an eccentric uncle, hippie-biker parents, two pouty teenage boys and my parents' homicidal dogs.

Of course I started a blog! 

The name "It's Jess Right" is obviously a terrible joke,  but I liked it, and though I couldn't afford a focus group, my friends agreed with roaring approval:

"It IS dumb, but it's cute. It's okay."


"Who cares?"


"Hmm...Do people still read blogs?"

"It's genius!" I thought, in full Kanye West voice. "Genius!"

I live in Central Alabama now so I usually write about that.